Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory

Reflections On Capitalism, 22-27 June, 2015

Monday, 8. June
LocationHouse of Culture, FMK, Belgrade
18:30 The Communist Horizon (Jodi Dean, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, New York)

Discussion about the book The Communist Horizon

Discussants: Adriana Zaharijević, Aleksandar Fatić, Aleksandar Matković
Monday, 22. June
LocationInstitute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade
12:00 The Left Side of History: Remembering the Victims of Communism After the Crises of Capitalism (Kristen Ghodsee, Bowdoin College, Brunswick)
LocationCultural Centre of Belgrade
16:00 Round Table – Politics of History in Eastern Europe

Chair: Adriana Zaharijević (Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade)

Participants: Kristen Ghodsee (Bowdoin College, Brunswick), Chiara Bonfiglioli (Juraj Dobrila University of Pula)​, Danijela Majstorović (University of Banja Luka​), Tanja Petrović (Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljubljana), Ljubica Spaskovska (University of Exeter)
Tuesday, 23. June
LocationInstitute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade
12:00 Emmanuel Lévinas – Money and Community, Measuring the Unmeasurable – Money as Justice, Time and Usury (Zoran Janković, Cégep de Saint-Laurent, Montreal)
Tuesday, 23. June
LocationInstitut français de Serbie, Belgrade
18:00 Round table – Des crises du capitalisme aux critiques du capitalisme

Chair: Igor Krtolica (Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade)

Participants: Laurence Fontaine (CNRS, Paris), Anselm Jappe (Collège international de philosophie, Paris), G. M. Tamás (CEU, Budapest), Rastko Močnik (University of Ljubljana)

A cocktail reception for the participants will be served after the Round Table.
Wednesday, 24. June
LocationIlija M. Kolarac Foundation, Belgrade
10:00 Welcome Address, Thinking Beyond Capitalism

Petar Bojanić (Director of Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade)

Jean-Luc Goester (Director of Institut français de Serbie, Belgrade)
10:30Keynote Lectures

Chair: Aleksandar Matković and Gazela Pudar Draško (Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade)

Neoliberal Managerial Capitalism: Its Class Foundations and Economic and Political Prospects after the Crisis (Gérard Duménil, Université Paris 10, Paris)

Is Capitalism Compatible with Democracy? (Wolfgang Merkel, WZB, Berlin Social Science Center)
12:00 Parallel Sessions 1
1a Struggles in Late Capitalism

Session Chair: Ana Birešev

Class Composition and Ideological Struggles (Rastko Močnik, University of Ljubljana)

Social Pathologies of Capitalism (Mariana Teixeira and Arthur Bueno, University of São Paulo / University of Campinas)​

Apathy and Capitalism (Veselin Mitrović, University of Belgrade)​

1b Day After Tomorrow: Configurations of Post-Capitalism

Session Chair: Toni Prug

Beyond Capitalist Mode of Production. Planning and Market Socialism Re-thought (Damian Winczewski, University of Szczecin)

Technological Development, Post-Capitalist Transition and Underdevelopment (Tomislav Medak, Multimedia Institute, Zagreb)

Socialism, Communism, Capitalism – Sociological Classic as a Signifier and Critic (Božidar Filipović, University of Belgrade)
1c Post-Yugoslav Challenges

Session Chair: Srđan Prodanović

Post-2014 Economic Restructuring as Europeanization. Discourse/Practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) (Danijela Majstorović and Anđela Pepić, University of Banja Luka)

Privatization Processes in the Perception of Serbia’s Citizens (Jelena Pešić, University of Belgrade)

Pre-ideological Direct Democracy and What Comes After: New Plenums in a Post-Yugoslav Context (Adela Gjorgjioska, University of Lausanne) ​

The Features and Effects of Foreign Direct Investment (Nataša Stanojević and Slobodan Kotlica, Megatrend University, Belgrade)

Alienation Galore – or How to Read the Symptoms: the Politics of Emotions and Social Protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Jasmina Husanović, University of Tuzla)​
14:00 Lunch
15:00 Keynote Lectures

Chair: Igor Krtolica (Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade)

Commons-Based Information Markets as a Means both for Innovation in the Economy and for Progress in Science (Rainer Kuhlen, University of Konstanz)

Are Markets and Democracy Compatible? (Laurence Fontaine, CNRS, Paris)
LocationRectorate of the University of Belgrade
17:00 Round table: How (not) to Own: from Commons to Property

Chair: Маrjan Ivković (Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade)

Participants: Giuseppe Mastruzzo (International University College Torino), Tibor Várady (CEU, Budapest), Mladen Lazić (University of Belgrade), Toni Prug (Queen Mary University of London), Jovan Babić (University of Belgrade)
Thursday, June 25
LocationHouse of Culture, FMK, Belgrade
9:30 Keynote Lectures

Chair: Mark Losoncz (Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade)

Beyond Capitalist Law and toward the Ecology of Law (Ugo Mattei, University of California, Hastings College of the Law / Università di Torino)

Capitalism and Democracy: Is Capitalist Democracy An Oxymoron? (G. M. Tamás, CEU, Budapest)
11:30 Parallel Sessions 2
2a Limits of Capitalism

Session Chair: Đorđe Pavićević

Social forms of wealth and production beyond commodities and markets (Toni Prug, Queen Mary University of London)

Predistribution and the Path Beyond Capitalism (Martin O’Neill, University of York)​

Change is The Only Thing That Matters (?): On the Impossibility to Overcome Neoliberal Capitalism (Aleksandar Mijatović and Aneli Dragojević Mijatović, University of Rijeka)

Exploitation and Value-Form Conception of Capitalism (Aleksandar Stojanović, University of Belgrade) ​

Modes of Accumulation and the Limits of Capitalism (Haldun Gulalp, Yidiz Technical University)
2b European (Semi-) Periphery and its Discontents

Session Chair: Igor Cvejić

​Re-industrialization in Europe’s Eastern Periphery (Tamás Gerőcs, Corvinus University, Budapest)

Capitalism, Crisis and Countermovements in Contemporary Hungary ​(Ágnes Gagyi, Eszterházy Károly College, Eger)

​Cultural Politics as Class Politics: Trajectories of the Cultural Institutional System Through Socialist and Post-Socialist Semiperipheral Integration: the Case of Hungary ​(Мárton Szarvas, CEU, Budapest)

“Onshore” Finance and Workers’ Subjectivities: the Case of Malta (Jana Tsoneva, CEU, Budapest)

Thinking Beyond the Commercialization of Public Space in Post-Socialist Cities (Iskra Krstić, University of Belgrade)​
2c Re-conceptualizing International Relations

Session Chair: Gazela Pudar Draško

International Relations as Bourgeois Ideology: A Historical-Materialist Analysis (Sarrah Kassem, American University, Cairo)

The Habermas-Streeck Debate: The Left and the European Union (Miloš Sumonja, University of Belgrade)

Panel: Crisis of the Capitalist and Imperialist International Order:

Faultlines of the Revisionist Analysis of the Cold War (Tolgahan Akdan, Department of International Relations, Middle East Technical University, Ankara)

Unsustainability of the Current Capitalist-imperialist International Order and the Regional Wars (Mustafa Türkeş, Department of International Relations, Middle East Technical University, Ankara)

A Challenge to the existing International Order: Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Eurasian Geopolitics (Tetsuya Sahara, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University, Tokyo)
13:30 Lunch
15:00 Keynote Lectures
Chair: Tamara Petrović Trifunović (Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade)

The Apolitical Veil of Ordoliberal Capitalism and the Strategic Recomposition of Europe (Catherine Samary, Université Paris Dauphine)

On the Edge: the Question of the End of Capitalism (Alex Demirovic, Universität Frankfurt am Main)
17:00 Parallel Sessions 3
3a State, Authoritarianism and State Control

Session Chair: Rastko Jovanov

​Debt, Control and the Nation-State (Djordje Hristov, University of Regensburg)

Democracy, Authoritarianism and Capitalism – Reflecting the Protracted Triangle and its South East European Paradoxes (Vedran Džihić, University of Vienna)

Border Crossings (Stefan Aleksić, University of Belgrade)

​“State Politics” or “Politics of State” (Lazar Atanasković, University of Novi Sad)​

The Capitalist Revolution: The Left-Wing Restoration (Michael Hauser, Czech Academy of Sciences)
3b Anti-Capitalist and Feminist and Queer?

Session Chair: Tatjana Đurić Kuzmanović

And Who Cares for Marx? An Actualization of Materialist Feminism (Carina Klugbauer, University Frankfurt)​

Gender Relations in the 21th Century: Marxist Feminist Perspective (Andrea Jovanović, University of Belgrade)

Italian Autonomist Feminism and Social Reproduction Theory (Andrew Ryder, CEU, Budapest)

Only Certain Activists Allowed: Neoliberal Policies, NGOs, and LGBTQ Rights in Serbia (Alex Cooper, CEU, Budapest)

3c ​​Panel: New Perspectives on Debt and Economy

Panel Chair: Sanja Milutinović Bojanić (Centre for Advanced Studies – South East Europe [CAS SEE], University of Rijeka)

Money as Debt (Marcello Barison, University of Rijeka)

Two Historians in Front of the Economic Crisis of 2007-2008: E. Hobsbawm and T. Judt Between Marxism and the Legacies of the 20th Century (Marco Bresciani, University of Rijeka)

Debt Resistance – Beyond or Within Capitalism? (Tamara Caraus, University of Rijeka)

Is Capitalism in Our Genes? Competition, Cooperation and the Idea of Homo Oeconomicus from an Evolutionary Perspective (Mariagrazia Portera, University of Rijeka)

From Death Drive to Debt Drive (Aaron Schuster, University of Rijeka)
Friday, June 26
LocationHouse of Culture, FMK, Belgrade
9:30 Keynote Lectures
Chair: Chair: Vedran Džihić (University of Vienna) and Marjan Ivković (Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade)

End of a Family Quarrel: Overcoming Capital and Labour (Anselm Jappe, Collège international de philosophie, Paris)

Is Critical Thought Condemned by the Resilience of Capitalism? Cognitive Capitalism, Environmental Revolution, Transformation of the Value of Labour and Liberation of Society (Yann Moulier-Boutang, Université Technologique de Compiègne)
11:30 Parallel Sessions 4
4a Thinking Beyond Capitalism in Philosophy

Session Chair: Igor Cvejić

Against a Dead Present: Marx, Whitehead and the Production of Living Alternatives (Martin Savransky and Felipe Lagos, Goldsmiths, University of London / University College London)​

On the Foundations of Louis Althusser’s Life-Long Attempt to Think Beyond Capitalism in Early Modern Political Thought (Sebastian Neubauer, Free University Berlin)​

Interstatiality: Towards a Post-Althusserian Idea of Transition (Cristian Lo Iacono, University of Torino)

The Incentives and the Difference Principle – Rawls-Cohen Dilemma (Stevan Salatić, University of Banja Luka)​
4b Thinking Within and Beyond Capitalism

Session Chair: Peter Klepec

Toward the Critique of the Project-Form, or, why is it Impossible to Think Capitalism (Đorđe Pavićević and Ivana Spasić, University of Belgrade)

Contradictions of Education (Robert Pfuezner, University of Jena) ​

Derationalization as Opposition to Capitalism: Is it Possible? (Tia Glavočić, University of Zagreb)
4c Ecological Perspectives in Late Capitalism

Session Chair: Iva Marković

International Inaction on Climate Change (Chris Saltmarsh, University of Sheffield)

Biocapitalism (Hrvoje Jurić, University of Zagreb)​

​Toward the Ecological Economy (Jelena Đurić, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade)​
Parallel Program
LocationGoethe Institut, Belgrade
15:00Seminar: Wolfgang Merkel (WZB, Berlin Social Science Center) in dialogue with CAS SEE Fellows
Capitalism and Democracy – Debating various Dimensions and Variations of an Uneasy Marriage

Chair: Gazela Pudar Draško (Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade) and Vedran Džihić (University of Vienna)

Participants: Đorđe Pavićević (Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade) Gëzim Krasniqi (University College London), Marco Abram (University of Rijeka), Marcello Barison (University of Rijeka), Marco Bresciani (University of Rijeka), Tamara Caraus (University of Rijeka), Jan Muś (University of Rijeka), Mariagrazia Portera (University of Rijeka), Aron Schuster(University of Rijeka)
LocationHouse of Culture, FMK, Belgrade
15:00 Keynote Lectures
Chair: Srđan Prodanović (Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade)

Reflections on the ‘Postmodern Turn’ in the Social Sciences (Simon Susen, City University, London)

The Perils of Social Critique (Maeve Cooke, University College Dublin)

17:00 Parallel Sessions 5
5a Beyond ”Traditional” Reflections: a Critical-Theoretic Perspective

Session Chair: Marjan Ivković

Critical Theory and Transdisciplinary Science – a Meta-Theoretical Analysis (Sergio Mas, University of Barcelona)

Reconstructing Georg Lukács’ Critique of Romantic Anti-Capitalism (Matthias István Köhler, Goethe University, Frankfurt)

Undead Labor: Marx, Benjamin and the “Time of Hell” (Sami Khatib, Beirut Institute for Critical Analysis and Research)
5b Discourse, Media and the Cultural Logic of Contemporary Capitalism

Session Chair: Tamara Petrović Trifunović

The Discourse on Crisis Analysis and its Outcomes (Peter Klepec,Institute of Philosophy, SRC SASA, Ljubljana)

Against Decisionism – Rethinking Social Ontologies and Media of Assistance (Boris Traue, Lüneburg University)

Dialectical Materialism at the Gates of Technology (Katarina Peović Vuković, University of Rijeka)

New Age: a Modus of Hegemony (Goran Kauzlarić, University of Belgrade)

Office Architecture as Capitalist Phantasmagoria (David Adler, University Oldenburg)
5c Reflections on Crises

Session Chair: Jovan Čekić

The Idea of “Crisis” and the Devolution of Theory (Florian Geislerand and Alex Struwe, University of Frankfurt)​

Explaining Neoliberalism’s Stability (Kevin W. Gray, American University of Sharjah)

Still Defending Right of Extreme Need? (Nevena Jevtić, University of Novi Sad)
Saturday, June 27
LocationInstitute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade
12:00Politics, Freedom and Truth: on the Relationship between Political Authority and Autonomy

Seminar with Maeve Cooke (University College Dublin)

Chair: Marjan Ivković (Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade)